Who we are

Cop PRotect is a subscription-based service of Compass Check Consulting Services, LLC, a Southern-California based marketing and public relations advisory service.  The firm's founder, Mr. Robert Parry, has worked in journalism and public relations for two decades. As a journalist, his experience included covering police and fire issues in Los Angeles County during the mid 1990s. As a public relations professional, he has represented companies in a variety of verticals, including the highly controversial sectors of investment banking and oil & gas exploration & production.  In addition, he is a graduate of a California POST-certified law enforcement academy an Army National Guard veteran of three combat tours in the Middle East, earning the Bronze Star Medal and Combat Infantryman's Badge. 

Based on his variety of skills and experiences, several police officers in need of reputation defense have contacted him seeking advice and assistance.  As a result, Mr, Parry  has written opinion and analysis articles on law enforcement topics including the influence of politics, political correctness, integrity and community relations for publications including The Los Angeles Times, The Los Angeles Daily News, The Pasadena Star News and Ricochet.com.  


Some of these articles include:


July, 2016: LA Daily News: In LA And Elsewhere, Police Leaders Must Earn Back Officers' Respect

July, 2016: Ricochet.com: Lies From The Highest Levels Fueled Dallas Fires

January 2016: Ricochet.com: Lies, Damned Lies & The Washinton Post's Ommitted Statistics

January, 2106: Pasadena Star News: Police Reformers Shift Risk Onto Society

January 2016: Ricochet.com: Taking The Risk Out Of Crime And Putting It On You (Expanded version of PSN column above)

December 2015: Ricochet.com: A Reasonable Place To Address Some Preventable Police Shootings

November 2015: Ricochet.com: NPR Station's "Investigation" Goes Where Their Narrative Led Them

November 2015: Ricochet.com: Post Ferguson: Bridging The Gap Between Protectors & Protected

August 2015: Ricochet.com: Does The DuBose Shooting Video Support Officer Tensing's Account?

May 2015: Pasadena Star News: Be Transparent Policing 

March 2008: Los Angeles TImes: The LAPD's Assault On SWAT

October 2007: Los Angeles Times: The Blue You Don't See

July 2007: Patterico.com: "Robert Parry on the Effect ofthe LAPD Consent Decree"

July 2007: LA Daily News: What if  the Activists Were Wrong About The LAPD?