People We Know

The Team behind Cop PRotect has worked with police officers in a variety of capacities. Some of these officers are still on the job and have asked to offer their endorsement anonymously.

Dave Blake, Blake Consulting & Training Group

David Blake, M.Sc, F.S.A., C.C.I., is currently a contract instructor with the California Training Institute facilitating their CA-POST certified courses entitled; Force Encounters Analysis & Human Factors, Threat and Error Management. He is an Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice, a Police Academy Instructor, and a Force Options Simulator Instructor at a large regional training center. His policing experience includes positions in; SWAT, Field Training, Gangs, Narcotics, Supervision Media Relations, and Use of Force Training. Dave has instructor certifications in; Force Options Simulator, Firearms, DT, and Reality Based Training. He is a published author in several periodicals and journals to include a quarterly column with PoliceOne online magazine entitled; “The Science of Training”. Dave’s 8 year service in the USAF included deployments in support of Operations Restore Hope and Desert Storm. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Management and a Masters of Science in Psychology. He is a Certified Criminal Investigator with the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute and a Force Science Certified Analyst with the Force Science Institute ©.


"Check out @CopProtect Personally - in this day and age: probably the best thing you could ever do in regards to professional survival." - Dave Blake, Blake Consulting & Training Group

Former Officer John Hatfield, LAPD

In the early hours of a summer morning in 2004, LAPD officer John Hatfield and his partner pursued the driver of a stolen car through South Los Angeles. When the driver foot-bailed and was finally tackled, Hatfield was seen on city-wide TV striking the thief with his flashlight. He was immediately thrust into the media vortex. Reporters appeared at his house and his background was dissected with rumor and innuendo. As Hatfield sat silently, his friends watched his reputation and career being destroyed. After he had been fired, he sued the City of Los Angeles in an effort to get his job back. Cop PRotect's founder hosted a meeting for Hatfield and LA Times columnist Steve Lopez . In a subsequent article Lopez admitted he "was probably wrong when I wrote that [Hatfield] was wailing on a man "who was already restrained'," and also apologized to Hatfield, in writing.

"Robert Parry stood up for me when I was a pariah in the community. My only regret is that I didn't turn to him sooner." - John Hatfield

Fomer LAPD SWAT Officer

The Los Angeles Police Department has long been the subject of vociferous second-guessing from activists, the Los Angeles Times editorial page and police managers who are care about the cocktail party circuit than crime suppression.  In a series of articles in 2007 and 2008, Cop PRotect founder Robert Parry showed the truth behind their campaign of misinformation.  In an article for the LA Daily News, Parry proved that, contrary to activists’ assertions, LAPD lethal force actually increased when officers were placed in a highly burdensome “consent decree.”  Later, Parry wrote a 900-word opinion piece, “The Blue You Don’t See” for The Times in which he detailed The Times’ own bias against officers.  That led to contacts with elite SWAT officers which resulted in another article detailing a secret LAPD management effort to force politically correct changes on one of the world’s most renowned tactical units, without regard to mission effectiveness.

"When bean counters cared more about political appearances than our effectiveness, Robert Parry was the only journalist with the guts and integrity to tell the truth."" - Former LAPD SWAT Officer