Frequently Asked Questions

How Will Cop Protect Help Me If I Am Given A “Gag Order” By My Department or A Court?

This is very simple.  By uploading the requested information to our database, we will have the tools in hand that we need to use to defend you. You will not need to do anything. Once we become aware of your situation through our media monitoring (or a notification from you or a friend), we go to work telling the story of who you really are.  We may also seek use of force and tactical experts to speak to the specific circumstances of your incident (or we may not, depending on those circumstances). But, the important thing is that you do not have to do anything and you will not in anyway violate orders because we will act without your input or direction.


How can you represent me if you are not located in my area?

This is actually very simple. Media relations is commonly conducted by phone and email, often from afar.  For example, in the weeks before Cop PRotect launched, Compass Check secured media coverage with outlets from Maine to Texas to San Diego for different clients.  In addition, we pitched and secured coverage on a national cable news outlet.  Keep in mind - that was pitching the seed of a story for a reporter to develop, not inserting new information into an already developing story.  Compass Check has access to extensive databases of media contacts, in addition to monitoring ongoing developments. However, if the need arises due to the intensity of a sitution, we may send representatives to the region, as specified in our user agreement.

Equally simply and importantly, the concepts of the reputation defense preparation can be applied in almost any jurisdiction or job assignment.  It doesn't matter if you are in a small town or big city, rural area, mountains or urban jungle. If you protect and serve people, the Cop PRotect system will help you build the tools of reputation defense.


Why do you defend corrupt cops?

First off, we don’t.  If a subscriber is in controversy because of overwhelming evidence of misconduct well beyond the scope of a law enforcement officers’ duties, we will return all funds paid and materials submitted.  We do not represent officers for off-duty incidents, unless they involve taking police action (e.g. you are out shopping and use force to subdue a shop lifter after seeing a security guard in a fight).  Examples of incidents that would cause us to sever ties with a subscriber might include an egregious drunk driving accident (certainly if you are drinking on duty), or a sexual assault of a female motorist.

Second, society seems to have forgotten that cops are entitled to due process too.  Despite County Grand Jury and  Federal Department of Justice investigations that cleared Darren Wilson of wrong doing in the Ferguson case, there are influential media figures who still refer to his incident as “murder.”  We are simply ensuring that cops get to enjoy the presumption of innocence all citizens should have.

How do I know my information is secure?

Your entire connection to this website is encrypted using the same standard as websites such as Amazon and Google. You can observe this by the green lock in the top left corner of your URL bar. Aside from your connection, we take steps to make sure our servers are as secure as possible by frequently applying software updates and checking for any potential vulnerabilities. User access to our system is also limited to required staff only. When you enter your information on Cop Protect you can rest assured that your information will only ever be put to good use in defending your reputation.


What if I pay for a subscription, then my union or agency provides the service as a benefit to all officers?

If this happens, we will refund you the pro-rated amount that their benefit covers. For example, if you sign up for a year at $50 and your union pays for a year of service three months later, we will refund you $37.50, but your 30-day service window will not re-set.


How are you different from my union rep or department PIO?

In short, we represent you, and only you. If you are in a media spotlight, you are most likely under investigation for something. In which case, your agency management will have a difficult time endorsing your actions while maintaining their credibility as impartial observers.  Your union will most likely work hard for you behind the scenes, but they may be reluctant to rock political boats, especially when there are multiple conflicting issues for the membership at large. 

Perhaps most importantly, neither your department nor your union has the Cop PRotect system and our proprietary database.  Because of our system, we prepare you for a media fire storm long before it happens.  And, if need be, we can work with your union or PIO to provide this information.

With Cop PRotect, you don't need to worry about those things. Our job is to tell your story.  Perhaps most importantly, your PIO and union rep will not be working with you before an incident to ensure that you have all the tools needed to defend your reputation. The Cop PRotect system does exactly that.