Helping You Win The Battle Before It Even Starts

Cop PRotect is a reputation defense and public relations service for individual police officers. We operate independently of your department's public information officers and union spokesmen, unless collaborating is in your best interest.
The Cop PRotect reputation defense system is built on three building blocks.  First, we help subscribers avoid avoidable trouble by advising them on the current media-political environment and using that knowledge to build relationships in the community. Second, we guide you to organizing and preserving key information that can be used to tell your story if you are involved in a Critical Media-Scrutinized Incident (CMSI). Third, and finally, if something happens that requires your reputation be defended, we use this arsenal of facts, statistics, pictures, videos, endorsements and personal information will help us illustrate the real you to the world -- even if you are prohibited from speaking for yourself, by your department or a court.
The key to the Cop PRotect method of protecting your reputation is preparation. We can do this because we start the process long before any incident occurs.  With the 28-page Cop PRotect Users Guide, we help you to accumulate the tools we will need and advise you on things to ensure you are doing now to solidify your reputation later.  Subscribers can also access our secure database, providing a structured method of cataloging important information, and ensuring the Cop PRotect Team can access it when needed.
In the event you are caught in the spotlight of a CMSI, the Cop PRotect Team will work to defend your reputation using your merits, experience and community relationships as primary tools to influence the "narrative." Because we will be actively monitoring the media looking for your name, we will be aware if you are involved in an incident and act accordingly. Of course, it is preferred that you contact us as soon as possible, but we understand that this may not be possible.  If we are contacted by your counsel, we will coordinate with them in our efforts.  Absent that guidance we will act independently. This ensures that your reputation is defended without having to take actions that might violate orders from your agency or court.  In the event your counsel feels that is unproductive, we will defer to their judgment.
In addition, throughout the year, COP PRotect updates subscribers on the latest trends in media coverage of law enforcement and provides advice on ways to minimize exposure and maximize protection in case of a media incident.  These alerts allow you to better understand the changing realities of the media landscape and insulate your career from them. And, we stand ready to advise you on your particular circumstances directly.
We do all of this for just $50 per year. In the event that you are involved in an intensive CMSI that requires more than eight hours of our professional time, we charge just 50% of our usual rate -- just $65 per hour.  Compare that to other crisis communication firms that charge hundreds of dollars per hour with little law enforcement experience and have to start from scratch to build your story.
Cop PRotect does NOT provide services to officers who subscribe after they have had a CMSI. That's like buying body armor after the first shot of a gun fight.  Cop PRotect is focused on helping you prepare your public relations and reputation defense before it is needed - largely by ensuring you are doing policing in a way that is publicly defensible.  If you haven't done the preparation ahead of time, we cannot help you. Thus, we require subscription 30 days before the incident in question.