Think Of Us As Insurance For Your Career

A potent mix of omnipresent cell phone cameras and anti-cop activists has rapidly changed the environment of police work. Today, a law enforcement officer knows that he or she is just a simple misunderstanding or short-sighted decision away from becoming political fodder in a national media circus - or worse.

That's where we come in. Cop PRotect provides law enforcement officers media relations and reputation defense services when they are under pressure from the growing anti-cop industry.

Think of us as an insurance policy for your name and career.  Not only do we represent client officers who are in the media's cross hairs, perhaps more importantly, we help prevent and mitigate trouble, long before it ever happens. 

Our proprietary system provides officers structured preparation with strategic guidance to avoid trouble, and deliberate planning to develop advocates and  “optics” that will be proof of your good service and character.  We also provide you access to our unique, proprietary database into which you upload information including pictures, videos and personal references.  If you ever are caught in the media spotlight, we immediately go to work using this information to counter the anti-cop narratives. Because you upload this information long before trouble occurs, we are able to effectively defend your reputation, even if you face a court or department-imposed "gag order."
And, to help you avoid trouble, we provide you regular updates on developments in policing as viewed from a PR perspective.
All of this costs just $50 per year for an individual -- less as a benefit provided by an agency, union or association. Cop PRotect is a subscription-based product of Compass Check Consulting Services, an experienced business marketing and public relations firm with unique skills and experience in media relations, public relations, social media and law enforcement. We use proprietary and marketing/PR methods to ensure that your story of community service is ready to be quickly and effectively told if you ever face the media fire storm. As a Cop PRotect client, you enjoy the confidence of knowing your story will be told by experienced professionals who will craft your story to resonate with the media cycle and turn the anti-cop industry's narrative.

Just as you wear body armor for worst case violence, Cop PRotect is your armor for an assault on your good name.